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Michael Loonan: Music & Video

Loonan Jingles

First Impressions Dental

Quaker Oats

West Wings

(Michael Loonan)
October 1, 2004
Michael Loonan © 2004
Jingle written/produced for the West Wings Restaurant in Charleston, SC.

St. Paul Saints

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

(Michael Loonan)
March 1, 1999
Michael Loonan © 1999
Jingle written/produced for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team.

Joliet Jackhammers

(Michael Loonan)
May 20, 2005
Michael Loonan © 2005
T. Mychael Rambo - Vocals
David Methner - Horns

Charleston Riverdogs - Spanish 2006

Detroit Tigers

(Michael Loonan)
April 2, 2002
Michael Loonan © 2002
Jingle written/produced for the Detroit Tigers baseball team.

First Choice Health Care

(Michael Loonan)
March 11, 2000
Michael Loonan © 2000
Commercial jingle, written/produced for First Choice Health Care company.