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Michael Loonan: Testimonials

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Michael Loonan for several years. He has provided great support and talent for my recording projects. My work is currently being considered by some major labels, and I want to keep recording at Michael's studio. If instead a label insists that I work at a major studio, I'm bringin' Michael along! I don't think I could work with any other producer."
Karen Blomgren - Recording Artist
"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael and have the greatest respect for his talents as a musician and video producer. He worked extensively with me at the television production studios of Dayton Hudson Corporation, where he demonstrated his many skills and talents as a composer and producer on various corporate video productions. Foremost is Michael's commitment to any project he works on. He shows dedication to the task and respect for his clients. Michael is one of the most innovative and creative individuals I've worked with."
Warren Harmon - Senior Manager of Advertising, Marshall Fields Corporation
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