Michael Loonan is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist from Minnesota, with hook-filled/catchy songs that whisper shades of the Beatles and Jellyfish, smooth vocal textures of Graham Nash and James Taylor, and fluid piano/guitar chops echoing Hendrix and Clapton. 

"This multi-instrumentalist Beatles freak has quietly uncorked a classic pop record with abundant lyrical and musical sophistication." Mpls. City Pages Magazine (review of Michael's CD, 'Share the Disguise') 

Michael has performed on the same bill with Smokey Robinson, NRBQ and Badfinger, and he was the renowned 'Loony Bin Band' on The Mischke Broadcast for over a decade. Michael has composed and produced music for documentaries (Marshall Fields, University of Minnesota), corporate events (3M), and a long list of TV/radio jingle clients (Quaker Oats, Detroit Tigers, KSTP radio, First Choice Health Care and many more). 

"Michael Loonan is bucking to be the next Emmitt Rhodes or Elvis McCartney, and his flair for hook-filled melody can't be denied." Twin Cities Reader Magazine (review of Michael's debut album, 'Graduation') 

In July 2021, Michael is releasing a new single, 'Celebrate This Life.' In describing the song, Michael said, "Celebrate This Life is a call for unity and togetherness, with a feel-good vibe that speaks to all humanity."