As a radio talk host, I have enjoyed the luxury of having a private producer, engineer and musical back-up band all rolled into one. Michael Loonan has provided everything from musical interludes coming back from commercials, to custom-made songs for special radio features. He has, without fail, accepted willingly, every single musical challenge put to him and the result has been professional, high caliber, studio quality, musical offerings that have been used on my program for several years. His ability to take a creative suggestion and roll with it, and his unique talents in performing, producing and engineering have been a powerful combination that has enhanced my wee night program from the beginning. With professional style and flair, he has time and time again stunned me with his talents, and my show would be a weaker broadcast, were it not for his efforts.” - T.D. Mischke - Host on "The Mischke Broadcast," KSTP AM-1500
There is nobody in the business who turns a better tune. We have addy after addy as a tribute to Mike Loonan's work. Do you know how many fireworks commercials eight baseball teams use over the course of a season? Without Loonan, we'd be toast.” - Mike Veeck, owner of multiple sports teams
We at Veeck Advertising Professionals really like working with Mike...he is very, very talented and creative...he delivers what he promises...and on time.” - Roger Gaither President, Veeck Advertising Professionals
“Mike Loonan has a gift for interpreting visual images and ideas musically and creating inspired, highly memorable compositions. His knack for developing deceptively simple themes from complex messages is astounding!”” - Jerry Smith, Producer, Verso Creative
“Mike Loonan’s two songs, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come,’ and 'It's Just The Way We Work" have turned out to be two of the most appropriate pieces of music we've ever produced. Mike has done a great job of capturing and putting into music exactly where 3M is as a company right now.”” - Doug Salmela, 3M Corporate Executive Producer
“I have always found Michael! Yes, I mean that I actually find him when I need him. He has time for me (even if he doesn’t), listens well, gets the groove quickly and gets to work on musical ideas right now. And the results are the best! My clients love what he has produced. I find Michael pleasant to work with and we have a good time sharing musical strategies to get at the good stuff. Work with him – you’ll see!”” - John Ondov, Lifelab Institute
I have greatly enjoyed working with Michael Loonan for several years. He has provided great support and talent for my recording projects. My work is currently being considered by some major labels, and I want to keep recording at Michael's studio. If instead a label insists that I work at a major studio, I'm bringin' Michael along! I don't think I could work with any other producer.” - Karen Blomgren - Recording Artist
I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael and have the greatest respect for his talents as a musician and video producer. He worked extensively with me at the television production studios of Dayton Hudson Corporation, where he demonstrated his many skills and talents as a composer and producer on various corporate video productions. Foremost is Michael's commitment to any project he works on. He shows dedication to the task and respect for his clients. Michael is one of the most innovative and creative individuals I've worked with.” - Warren Harmon - Senior Manager of Advertising, Marshall Fields Corporation