From the recording St. Paul Saints

Jingle composed and produced for the St. Paul Saint's baseball team, June 2004.


Headin down to the railroad tracks. Energy Park -- that's the facts. Right across from the old State Fair. Once you're at Midway, fun is everywhere! Saint's Baseball, you get to see the sky. Sweet smells everywhere for you and I. Nights under stars, days in the sun. Saint Paul Saint's, have you had your fun? Fun is good! That's no lie! Get it while you can, don't let it pass you by. The Pig! Sister Roz! Laughs by the load, head on down to Midway, get your fun ala mode! Baseball is sweet, and so are the prices. Kids are cool, people are the nicest. Only one rule: don't play no fool. You're gonna lose the blues at the place where kids rule. Saint's baseball! The great outdoors! If you ain't had your fun today, you'd better grab yours!