1. My Aunt Annie

From the recording My Aunt Annie

(Inspired by the song, "Penny Lane," although my real aunts were much older : )


My aunt Annie believed in believing in servicemen
They fight nights and days and never bothered her
On for hours, she sits all alone
Reading treasured letters dated ?44

Annie works the daytime at her father?s store
He retired a wealthy lad and said goodbye
Passed his daughter every penny earned
Told her never walk the local streets alone

And she walks alone in the night
Annie feels all right
She can laugh but never worry at all
Every man she?s ever loved
Every man has turned away
Annie never even said goodbye

It?s raining on the mantle as the tears fall
Showers often win the best of Annie?s eyes
Blues and greens, singing yesterday
The picture perfect people piling on her wall


Annie never laughed alone
Annie never laughed alone
Annie never felt afraid
Til her walls came tumbling down


The story ends with Annie at the restaurant
A dark face that later serves to fall her grace
Annie guilty of a nasty crime
But her father always told her live for now